Jamyang Lhala Tours & Travels is a well-established travel company in Bhutan specializing in personalized trips for guests looking for ‘the real Bhutan experience.’

Our approach to travel is authentic and personalized. We offer tourism services promoting the principle of “value, responsible and sustainable tourism” through reliable, personalized and professional services to all its esteemed clientele. We want to build a company that focuses exclusively to provide a memorable “Travel experience in Bhutan” with the help of its dedicated well trained and highly professional team of experienced staff and its access to quality facilities.

We will guide you to all that is special about Bhutan- whether it is gazing at beautiful snow capped mountains, hiking through untouched natural forests, attending one of the colorful Buddhist festivals or simple tranquility that you seek.

Our guests have discovered through Jamyang Lhala Tours & Travels, some of Bhutan’s best-kept secrets. Whether you want the ultimate luxury tour or a mix of modern and traditional, we can design it for you. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced staff with access to quality facilities at your service. All our tours are escorted by well-trained and knowledgeable guides who are certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

Our portfolio includes organizing inbound tours covering leisure-cultural tours, hiking/trekking, adventure and special interest tours.
Jamyang Lhala Tours & Travels is widely considered Bhutan’s most exclusive luxury tour operator. With Bhutan Travel Excursion, this unique experience in Bhutan will become an experience of a lifetime in the Last Shangri-La!

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