Decide an itinerary.

Apart from our pre-designed package trips. Our priority is to designed tailor-made tour to meet our guest’s requirement. So please mention your distinctive interest and requirements, and we will present you an itinerary based on your interest.

I have decided on the Itinerary, what should I do next?

Your Drukair flight is very important in planning a trip to Bhutan as there is only one airline in the country. Drukair fly into Bhutan from Bangkok, Delhi, Dhaka, Calcutta and Katmandu. Please let us know your flight sectors and exact date of travel. Then send us your FULL passport name. We will book your seats on the Drukair and forward you the booking details.

When should I send Drukair and tour payments?

After the Itinerary has been chosen and the Drukair reservation has been made by us, you will be advised to send the full advance payment. Government of Bhutan requires sending full payment to sanction your visas.

I have sent the payment. What is the Bhutan visa procedure and when should I expect my Drukair e-tickets?

After we receive payments from you, we will purchase your Drukair ticket and email your e-tickets. We will also then process your visa and send you the Visa Clearance Letter in about three working days. Based on this Clearance Letter, your actual Bhutan visa will be stamped on your passport on arrival at Paro airport.

Are there any pre-departure advices that I should seek before I travel to Bhutan?

We have a Comprehensive Information Pack (CIP). This contains detail pre-departure advices. We will send you the CIP.